When the Holy Crusades began, Vampires EVERYWHERE, began seeking protection from Holy Energies. Some followed the teachings of Monks, to become immune to Magical Energies, others sought a more conventional salvation.

One such Vampire, crafted this Armor, and armor so Wrought with evil, it can enhance the basic Vampiric Powers of those who wear it. It also helps vampires to cover up their Demonic Nature, while conveying an almost Godlike Damage Reduction, and Divine Energy Resistance.

Armor Bonuses:

Enhancement Bonus: Charisma +10
Enhancement Bonus: Constitution +10
Armor Bonus: +10
Use: Dragon Breath, Weaken 1 Use/Day
Use: Energy Drain (17) 3 Uses/Day
Use: Vampiric Touch (5) 5 Uses/Day
Damage Reduction: +4 Soak 10 Damage
Damage Resistance: Divine Resist 10 / -
Regeneration: +10
True Seeing