The Wind Ripper is an Artifact not much is known about its origins. All that is known, is that its creator, obviously hated elemental beings, because the blade itself crackles with energy strong enough to slay them in a single blow.

The Wind Ripper gives its wielder the following stats:

Attack Bonus: +15
Bonus Feat: Whirlwind Attack
Damage Bonus: Electrical 2d12 Damage
Damage Bonus: Magical 2d12 Damage
Enhancement Bonus: +15
Enhancement Bonus vs.: Elemental +20
Massive Criticals: 2d6 Damage
On Hit: Disease DC=26 Dread Blisters
On Hit: Hold DC=18 25% / 3 Rounds
On Hit: Slay Racial Group DC=26 ElementalOn Hit: Electrical