The great Paladin Cleric Omeni' fought hard to cleanse the land of undead, and Evil do'ers. However, her tale comes to an abrupt end, in the village of Hal'sin'grad. There she was met in battle by a Dark Lord who had sold his soul to a Demon for great power. They battled for 2 nights, without rest, witnesses said they saw great flashes of light, and brimstone fall from the heavents as their battle cracked the earth beneath them.

All that was left, was their swords.

The Serpentus Tongue, is the sword of the Dark Lord, imbued with the power of Lies, Hate and Malice.

Sword Powers:

Enhancement Bonus: Strength +7
Attack Bonus: +15
Damage Bonus: Magical 2d8 Damage
Damage Bonus: Negative Energy 2d12 Damage
Damage Bonus vs.: Good 2d12 Damage Slashing
Enhancement Bonus: +13
Enhancement Bonus vs: Evil +15
Immunity: Mind-Affecting Spells
Spell School Immunity: Illusion
Spell School Immunity: Necromancy
Massive Criticals: 2d8 Damage
On Hit: Level Drain DC=22
On Hit: Poison DC=26 1d2 Constitution Damage
On Hit: Vampiric Touch Level 20
True Seeing
Visual: Evil