The Reaver of Pain is a mysterious instrument. Touching the blade itself is a risky venture. It slices through anything it finds, be it the flesh of a Zombie, or the Rocky Hide of a Golem.

Storys tell that it comes from a Realm unlike our own, a realm filled with painful cries, and victims strung up to suffer for eternity.

Whoever made this weapon, is truly powerful, and evil. Pray you do not meet him.

This abomination grants its wielder:

Enhancement Bonus: Constitution +12
Enhancement Bonus: Dexterity +7
Enhancement Bonus: Strength +11
Attack Bonus: +16
Attack Bonus vs.: Elf +10
Attack Bonus vs.: Gnome +10
Attack Bonus vs.: Halfling +10
Attack Bonus vs.: Half-Orc +10
Attack Bonus vs.: Human +10
Damage Bonus: Divine 2d12 Damage
Damage Bonus: Electrical 2d6 Damage
Damage Bonus: Magical 2d12 Damage
Damage Bonus: Negative Energy 2d12 Damage
Enhancement Bonus: +20
Immunity: Death Magic
Immunity: Disease
Immunity: Level/Ability Drain
On Hit: Disease DC=26 Red Slaad Eggs
On Hit: Vampiric Touch Level 35
Quality: Godlike
Vampiric Regeneration: +20
Only Useable By: Evil
On Hit: Evil