Belonging to a long forgotten God of Light, this staff contains powers to defeat evil in its primary forms, those of Necromancy and Death Magics.

Bestowed on only the most worthy of Champions, this Staff is almost God-like itself.

Staff of Light gives the owner many benefits, which are listed below:

  • Spell Resistance: 20
  • Skill Bonus: Concentration +1
  • Regeneration: +3
  • On Hit: Gust of Wind Level 20
  • Light Bright (20m) Yellow
  • Damage Immunity: Bludgeoning 5% Immunity Bonus
  • Enhancement Bonus: +9
  • Damage Bonus: Positive Energy 1d10 Damage
  • Damage Bonus: Divine 2d6 Damage
  • Use: Power Word, Kill (17) 2 Uses/Day