The Persistent Housing System of Worlds of Rhun, is the first of its kind. Based on a prototyped plugin for nwnx, it has the ability to duplicate template areas as many times as needed. The obvious use for this system is player Housing. Never again, must a builder or DM worry about running out of Houses per players.

Currently, we have two different 'Pocket Planes' available to players.

  • Basic Model - Castel Interior - Static Lighting & 1 in-game day buffing shrine.
  • Enhanced Model - Drow Interior - Selectable Fog Color & Stargate with Player Chosen Gate Address.

Future Pocket Planes will include:

  • Undead - Skeletal Themed Pocket Plane.
  • Undead - Vampire Themed Pocket Plane.
  • Temple - Good Pocket Plane.
  • Temple - Evil Pocket Plane.

The rules of the Housing System is that one Pocket Plane can be owned per Character. This is to reduce Load times and overhead of the CPU. There is no need for a single character to own 30+ areas.