This Helm, created in a time long since over, was created by a follower of Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, Strategy and Reason.

As the legend goes, Vintius was a blacksmith in the city of Athens but because he had to care for his ailing parents he had little time to work, which meant that he had very little money.

Both Vintius and his parents where worshippers of Athena and prayed to her for much needed help.

Athena, hearing their pleas, gave to Vintius some instructions on where to find the best minerals to make armor and weapons for the Athenian army.

Vintius aqquired the materials, made the suits of armor and presented them to the King. The King was so stunned by their magnificents that he fired his other blacksmiths and hired Vinitus immediately, giving Vintius a fortune in gold.

To honor Athena, Vintius used some of the most precious metals in the land to forge this Helm then Athena Herself blessed it.

Armor stats:

Enhancement Bonus: Wisdom +6
Armor Bonus: +5
Armor Bonus vs.: Evil +10
Bonus Feat: Spell Penetration
Immunity: Mind-Affecting Spells
Regeneration: +3
Skill Bonus: Lore +7Only Useable By: Good