Vampire bloodline/clan system Edit

The vampire system has become somewhat of a pet project with myself. It is an attempt to turn vampirism away from the dull D&D style vampirism, and more towards the extravagant Vampire the Masquerade- or Legacy of Kain- style vampire systems. To this end, it was necessary to script alterations to Shayan's Subrace Engine, as well as to create brand new scripting methods.

What you can do with the vampire system includes the following.

  • Sire a non-subrace player: The player will be marked as your child and will share the same bloodline/lineage as you. This affects bloodline bonuses he/she may receive.
  • Telepathic communication with subrace members: The command +whisper <message> will allow you to send a telepathic tell, complete with visual cue, to all your bloodline members.
  • Bite attack: This is the method of siring, and also a once per six minutes bite attack vs. monsters. It deals damage based on your level, as well as healing yourself.
  • Blood points: Five percent of all XP you and all your bloodline members gain, is collected into a central repository. These blood points are used to purchase bloodline upgrades. Only the clan leader can choose how to dispense these.
  • Bloodline upgrades: Just because you are a vampire, that does not mean you have to be identical to all other vampire players. Your bloodline may have special abilities or traits that others do not possess. Using the upgrades menu (accessed via speaking "+upgrades") the clan leader can choose to spend bloodline-collected blood points to increase ability scores and skill points of the entire bloodline. Vampire players, old and new, will receive these upgrades via Letoscript edits, making them permanent.
    • Currently scripted are ability edits, Skill Edits, Spell Resistance, and Genetic Memory of Certain Feats.