• Baaleos

    Bioware didnt really make these Epic Spells all that epic did they? Sure they're flashy, and powerful against a CR20 Monster, but that CR Scale goes into the Thousands, and those spells just stop being Effective in Worlds like Gyperia.

    I've had a go at editing the Spells, the main aim of editing the spells, was to make it so that Players Only get the MAX benefit of these spells, if they spend skill points increasing their Spellcraft.

    Spellcraft originally is only used for Identification of Spells, and Countering, however, now it can provide Bonus Damage, and Bonus AC and new effects.

    When I made the Leveled Spawn System (also Known as the Dynamic Spawn System) I knew it would make life harder for the Melee Fighters out there. Thats why the ne…

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  • Baaleos

    Ok, So this is my first attempt at a blog entry. Im gonna primarily use this blog for keeping track of things I am developing, and use it to get player feedback.

    One of the problems a Server Host, or a World Host, if you will, faces, is keeping the World Challenging for players, even after they get to level 40.

    Thats why I decided to make the Dynamic Spawn system, also known as the Scaled Leveling System.

    Basically, it is a new system, that has been rolled out on Most of the Spawn scripts of the Server. Monsters that are Spawned via Encounter are now generally scripted to detect the player who spawned them, and adapt its own ability scores, Attack Bonus, and Armor Class, to match the player.

    Well, it basically means that ANY monster, can get up …

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