Subrace Information
Ability Bonuses: +2 Cha, +2 Wis, +5 Acid Resist, +5 Cold Resist, +5 Electrical Resist. Saving Throws Universal +2.
Skill Bonuses?: Listen +2, Spot +2.
Feats?: Dark Vision, Flight at Level 10.
Races: Human
Alignment-Lawful/Chaotic: ALL
Alignment-Good/Evil: Must be Good
Requirements-Special: N/A
Subrace Details
ECL: +1
Undead: No
SunLight Damage: None
Underground Damage: None
Light Sensitive: No
Faction Details: Etum

Aasimar receive Angel Wings from Creation, but only learn to Fly at level 10. They receive Divine Shield Feat, and Divine Grace Feats, at levels 1, and 25 respectfully. Their Eyes blaze with a holy light.